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About this Project: I work on various ways in which we change our beliefs, preferences, intentions, or other attitudes. Understanding change is notoriously difficult and neglected, despite being essential to any genuine science of human agents. Change can be more or less radical, more or less rational, and more or less under our conscious control. Classical choice theory attempts to reduce all change to Bayesian information learning. I go beyond this approach, which ignores phenomena such as fundamental belief or value revision, awareness growth, and formation (rather than updating) of attitudes.

Related Work:

The relation between degrees of belief and binary beliefs: a general impossibility theorem (with C. List). In: I. Douven (ed.) Lotteries, Knowledge, and Rational Belief. Essays on the Lottery Paradox, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming

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A model of non-informational preference change (with C. List), Journal of Theoretical Politics 23(2): 145-64, 2011 → Official Version

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