Reasons and Choice

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About this Project: The choice-theoretic notion of a rational agent or 'homo oeconomicus' does not explicitly engage with the agent's reasons. Rational-choice theory addresses values (utilities) and beliefs (probabilities), but ignores why things are believed or valued: the origin of attitudes is missing. By neglecting reasons, rational-choice theory disconnects itself from our ordinary discourse about decisions, and from philosophical work about rationality and choice. Jointly with Christian List, I develop an alternative, reason-based theory of choice. As we claim, our approach has explanatory, empirical, and predictive advantages: it (i) provides genuine explanations of choice, (ii) accounts for many observable violations of classical rationality, and (iii) enables better choice predictions. Reason-bassed models have descriptive and normative interpretations, as 'reasons' could stand for motivating or normative reasons. Interpreted normatively, reason-based models can formally represent moral theories, with well-defined distinctions between consequentialism and non-consequentialism, between universalism and relativism, between monism and pluralism, between atomism and holism, and between teleology and non-teleology.

Related Work:

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