Rationality and Reasoning

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About this Project: Jointly with Robert Sugden and our former doctoral student Antonios Staras, I develop a formal theory of rationality and reasoning that builds on influential philosophical work by John Broome (2013) and others. The focus is on the agent's psychology, captured by his or her various mental states: the beliefs, intentions, desires, preferences, hopes... This contrasts with the behaviourist revealed-preference tradition, but matches the trend towards 'behavioural economics' which emphasizes psychology. We model the process of reasoning by which the agent revises beliefs, intentions, preferences, and other states. We hope to integrate four approaches to agency: the choice-theoretic, philosophical, logical, and psychological approaches, which have much to teach one another.

Related Work:

Rationality through reasoning and automatic psychology, in preparation [draft available on request]

Savage's response to Allais as Broomean reasoning (with A. Staras and R. Sugden)

Beyond belief: logic in multiple attitudes (with A. Staras and R. Sugden)

A Broomean model of rationality and reasoning (with A. Staras and R. Sugden), Journal of Philosophy 116: 585-614, 2019

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