Research projects

My interests in a nutshell: My research lies between philosophy and economics and is as interdisciplinary as my background. Much of my research addresses human agents and their attitudes and decisions, but the perspective varies: philosophical or formal, normative or positive, individual or collective, foundational or more applied, classical or heterodox. I publish on several topics:
  • Individual agents: reason-based choice, decision under uncertainty, unawareness, preference change, rationality, reasoning, normative uncertainty
  • Collective decisions: judgment aggregation, probability aggregation, preference aggregation under uncertainty
  • Individual Epistemology: belief revision, binary versus probabilistic beliefs
  • Social Epistemology: jury theorems, Bayesian groups
  • Ethics: (non-)consequentialism, relativism vs. universalism, normative reasons, moral uncertainty
  • Philosophy of Science and Economic Methodology: realism vs. instrumentalism, mentalism vs. behaviourism
  • Political Economy: mathematical models of terrorism prevention.

On a personal note: I often feel uneasy with orthodox models when they seem to betray or simplify away the philosophical motivation behind them. Meanwhile I confess often falling myself back into established models or techniques, be it because of their sheer beauty, my own laziness, or the need to please journals. It is hard to decide whether a model or framework brings the truth to light or hides it. So let us be critical with our models and keep confronting them with the concepts and ideas from which they were born!